Bright Bertha, a 48-hour game

Give or take a few hours XD. It’s late and I’m relieved to be done with this exciting experiment!BB_200

You can play in on Kongregate here, or in fullscreen on MochiMedia here.

Music will be posted soon.

This was made for the Arbitrary Gamejam, and like all jams it was an amazing learning experience. I tried to keep the scope as small as possible but I still had to whittle it down. Using Stencyl I was able to reuse (kitbash?) scripts I made for previous games (Kibloid was very useful in helping setup the basic mechanics, DER’s VERSE as well). While this saved some time I still had a good chunk of scripting to do, and most of Kibloid’s scripts had to be stripped down and rebuilt anyway.

For once in my life I actually held off on the art pass until I felt it was absolutely necessary. This was probably my greatest achievement in making this game. I also worked on the majority of the sound and music near the end of the game’s development. I did manage to squeeze a quick concept sketch of a song early in the game’s development, so I had something to work off of when the audio pass came.

The themes for the jam were Mechanization, Bertha, and Damn the Torpedoes! Full Speed ahead.

As expected, there were some minor issues that I noticed after publishing. Volume buttons halfway off the screen in the Upgrades menu (an easy fix but I didn’t notice it until later, luckily they still function), stray bullets can score points after the player retreats (again, not a huge issue in the scope of things), and a boss with a LOT of health (it used to have even more) which caused the game to go on a bit longer than I would have liked (the music was supposed to stop around the time the player defeats the boss, but because of its high HP, the song is stopped for at least 30 seconds before the player can make a dent).

Overall I had a blast working on this, and was pleasantly surprised at what I could accomplish in two days!

Bright Bertha, a 48-hour game

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