Wall of Fingers, my LD28 submission


Play it on Kongregate here, or fullscreen here. Hate ads with a passion? Download it here (don’t worry I forgive you ;P)!

Rate it here!

Read the post-mortem here!

Get the soundtrack here!

Once again I was pleasantly surprised at how much I could complete in under a weekend! Wall of Fingers is a “wall of death” style side-scroller where the player has one life to complete five levels. The player can also pick up masks to gain abilities: Green allows you to fly, Purple lets you run faster, jump higher, and wall jump.

Making the music was a blast since I allowed myself to get weird with it (as usual). I felt that fast + odd time signatures + weird intervals was the best way to go for this style of game, since the player is constantly being chased. Also it’s the kind of music I usually write anyway so win-win!

For those interested I’ll be releasing the soundtrack for this soon (along with the OSTs for some other games I’ve made recently) after I finish a special announcement for my soundcloud fans.



Now on to continue 1GAM’s “Secret Frozen Kitty” game…

Wall of Fingers, my LD28 submission

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