Secret Frozen Kitten Released (1GAM)!

Secret Frozen Kitten, a game I made with Kristin Magann from RainbowSexyFish, was finally released yesterday! The game was made for December’s onegameamonth, a monthly gamejam. The themes were (you guessed it) Secret, Frozen, and Kitten.

It’s a top-down puzzle game where you must guide objects into potholes by melting and moving blocks. This is definitely a game we would both like to expand on later!


We cut it pretty close on this one, releasing the game near the end of the 96-hour grace period after the end of the month. This was mostly because we didn’t really get working until the last week or so. It’s safe to say that there were plenty of life lessons learned throughout this game’s development!

You can play the game on Kongregate here, or fullscreen on Mochi here.

Secret Frozen Kitten Released (1GAM)!

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