You Only Need One, a game made in under 2 days for TAG #6

So with 1GAM behind me I decided to do the not-so-smart thing and make another game immediately after without giving myself a break. Or maybe it was the smart thing? Whatever, it was fun and I learned some stuff, especially about making interesting tile patterns with only 9 tiles. Woohoo!

So onto the game: It’s a simple platformer where you must travel to an area with more compassionate individuals. It’s about being different, even if others don’t want you to be. It was made for The Arbitrary Gamejam (or TAG) #6, hosted here. I was working off of the themes Outsider, Drawback, and Affection. I also made some associations with time signatures and social conformity, huzzah!

Wait, what does that mean?

Time signatures are essentially a means of organizing a musical composition into groups of numbers (called measures). The standard is 4/4: four beats, using quarter notes. It is considered to be the universal standard for writing music that many composers rarely deviate from. The reasons for this vary, but ultimately it seems to be an issue of accessibility and convenience.

In the game you are a 7 and start surrounded by closed-minded 4s while a track in 4/4 plays. As you approach a group of rude 3s the same track in 3/4 plays (3/4 is probably the second most common time signature). Once you leave the “meany pants” area a compressed version of the song will play in 5/4, then 7/8, 9/8, 11/8, and finally 13/8. After this the entire song will play again, except this time every two measures the time signature will change, starting from 3 and ending at 13. Once you take your “leap of faith” the last song will play again, expect I made the notes hold a bit longer so the squishy-farty-froggy sounds could have more room to be heard. I like to associate squishy-farty-froggy sounds with love because they sound funny and remind me that music that makes me laugh and smile is music that loves me.

So there, the game starts with a boring, close-minded standard and ends with intricate fart sounds that love you. Get it? It’s okay you don’t have to, just try to have fun!


The game can be played on Kongregate here, or fullscreen on Mochi here.

(DISCLAIMER: I don’t hate 4/4, it has its uses and is an important aspect of composition. Without standards, there would be no room for people to deviate from them and express their individuality, so it is necessary for them to exist! That being said, I think that a lot of musicians and composers could benefit greatly by stretching outside of their comfort zone and giving odd time signatures a try.)

You Only Need One, a game made in under 2 days for TAG #6

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