More Games, Some Are 3d! Finally!

I finally got around to making some 3d games for game jams! I have a couple other mostly-done 3d games that I made while learning Unity, but they aren’t as done as these and will most likely be released a bit later. The following 4 games were started and finished this month:

First off, another 2d game:

CodaCado: Pseudorandom Whole Tone Avocado Rhythms in 5/4


A Rhythm game made for #multijam1 #gbjam3 #rhythmjam #avocadogamejamThis was fun to make!

Play CodaCado on Game Jolt


Spirictle Destastiny


For #KatamariJam. Pick up particles to get big and pretty. Eventually you absorb the whole level!

Watch Spirictle Destastiny gameplay on Indie Impressions

Play Spirictle Destastiny on Game Jolt


Daegel-Bruhz Smoking Simulator


for #1buttonjam #1GAM and also #multijam1. A day in the life of Daegel-Bruhz. Warning: adult-ish themes.

Play Daegel-Bruhz Smoking Simulator on Game Jolt


Roy, Gee, Biv


For the 48-hour Ludum Dare Compo #30: Connected Worlds. Move characters though their corresponding one-way doors to open them. Each character has their own ability. Beat the game to break it.

Play Roy, Gee, Biv on Game Jolt


All of these games were a blast to make! I’m excited to finally be back in the game jam groove. In addition to that, many of my recent games have the potential to be built up for a full release. Let’s hope that happens!

More Games, Some Are 3d! Finally!

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