Some Newer Flash Games

I’m about to post a bunch of even newer stuff, but until then I’m going to share some other flash games I’ve released over the last few months!

Note: Most of these games are on multiple portals (Kongregate, Newgrounds), but I’m just posting the Newgrounds link for now since Kongregate is terrible for smaller developers.

Farty Flappy Butt


A Flappy Bird clone, I realized I could have submitted it to Flappy Jam a bit too late, though. Oh well! The farts are musical and the notes correspond to your height. Unlock poop and sandbox modes!

Play Farty Flappy Butt on Newgrounds


You Deserve a Princess


Princess Locria just wants to be alone and conduct experiments, but the kingdom has other plans! Use a chain whip to block projectiles, defend yourself, and climb walls. Makes heavy use of the Locrian mode.

Play You Deserve a Princess on Newgrounds


Sea of Deception


Made for Ludum Dare 48-hour Competition: Beneath the Surface. Collect information from other characters to gain knowledge and access new areas. Cross-species love and imprisonment. SPOILER: Dolphins are a lot more messed up than sharks.

Read the Sea of Deception Post Mortem

Play Sea of Deception on Newgrounds


Some Newer Flash Games

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