A Thorny Succulent

I have been composing steadily for about 7 years, in a punk band for the last 4 years. Most of my works are written for video games, chiptunes, EDM, guitar, or basic MIDI sounds. I played piano in my childhood, started guitar in my teens, and then got really into funky synth keyboards and music theory shortly after.

I specialize in experimental music and odd time signatures. Currently I have been using VOPM, a 16-bit FM synth based on the Yamaha soundchips found in old arcades, as well as the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive. I write using Guitar Pro 5, a guitar tablature writing software. Writing and playing music in my head is my mind’s favorite past time (whether I like it or not) so I write as much as I can to keep up!

My soundcloud page can be found here. Last year I released over 100 songs in celebration of my first 100 followers!

Visit my bandcamp here for the complete soundtrack (+bonus tracks) from my first full release, Croakbat, in addition to other soundtracks and albums.


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